The condition for admission to study in a master's study programme, which follows on from a bachelor's study programme, is the successful completion of studies in any type of study programme.

If you apply to study in the follow-up master's study programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the UWB in Pilsen after completing the bachelor's study programme at the Faculty, and you had a different specialization, or after completing a study programme at another university/faculty, your subjects are compared with the minimum  knowledge required for your chosen programme/specialization.

If there are any differences, then compensatory subjects will be prescribed to be fulfilled during your studies:

- general subjects with an engineering basis (prescribed by the Vice-Dean for Studies)
- specialist subjects according to your chosen programme/specialization (prescribed by a pedagogical advisor or another authorized employee from the specialist department that guarantees your study programme).

Courses completed within your previous university studies will be assessed on the basis of an appendix to your application (diploma supplement or a list of completed courses confirmed by your university).

If you completed your previous studies at FME, we do not require appendices to your application - your previous studies will be verified in IS/STAG.

If you apply for follow-up studies at FME repeatedly, the differential exams will be re-assessed. In the form "Prescribed differential examinations", you fill in your previously completed studies and re-submit in the application the subjects that were completed during this study. Courses completed within your studies at FME will be supplemented by a study assistant according to the data in IS/STAG.

In the event that previously completed subjects cannot be assessed, all the differential examinations required for a specific study programme or specialization will be prescribed.

Differential tests are assessed for each application submitted. The signed form must therefore be completed for each of them.

If you apply for a study programme which directly continues the corresponding specialization of the bachelor's Mechanical Engineering study programme, differential examinations will not be prescribed. Therefore, the form "Prescribed differential examinations" is not required as a mandatory attachment to the application.


You register for your prescribed subjects during the pre-registration period (according to the instructions sent together with the decision - in the 1st round, or published on the Faculty website - in the 2nd round). We recommend enrolling in these subjects in your 1st year of study, but this is not a condition. Courses are not a part of the standard study plan, so they are not in the pre-registration menu (Portal - My studies - Pre-registration - tab "Study plan structure") and must be entered individually on the "Search for course" tab. Enrollment is possible until the capacity of the subject is filled.