Your studies

Study schedule

You take a state doctoral examination within two years of starting your studies, and your studies are completed within four years by the defence of your dissertation, which demonstrates your ability and readiness for independent activity in the field of research or development. You choose the form of study and your timetable. We will create the conditions for your independent scientific, research and creative activity.


1st Year

You write your Individual Study Plan and other activities set by your supervisor.


2nd Year

You prepare your thesis for your dissertation and the State Doctoral Examination.


3rd Year

You work on your dissertation and undertake an internship.


4th Year

You complete your dissertation and defend it.


The State Doctoral Examination (SDE) tests your knowledge in your chosen field. You demonstrate your mastery of your professional, theoretical, methodological and applied knowledge in your area of focus. You present and defend your dissertation thesis before an examination committee which assesses your knowledge and skills to successfully complete the doctoral studies. Completion of the SDE is the first stage of the Individual Study Plan (ISP).

More information

For detailed information, check the document Basic Principles of PhD Studies.


You are obliged to complete a study internship at a foreign workplace during the standard period of your studies. This is a mandatory component of your ISP.

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Detailed information on choosing a study placement or internship is available in the Forms and Instructions - PhD Basic Principles.


Your studies in the doctoral programme are completed by working on and defending your dissertation thesis. This demonstrates your ability to work independently and creatively and your ability to work scientifically. Your dissertation presents a solution to a specific scientific research task. It must result in an original solution to the given problem and provide new knowledge in the field.

More information

Detailed information on the choice of internship and professional practice is available under the Forms and Instructions - PhD Basic Principles.