Strategy of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Our main task is to prepare students for the future and for professions that are evolving very dynamically today. To teach them to work in such a way that they can be useful in all branches that are affected by mechanical engineering.

We live in a world in which technologies, intelligent production systems and new materials play very important roles and, at the same time, the fixed boundaries between individual sectors are being lost. Mechanical engineering permeates all disciplines and our students must be prepared for this. We teach them to invent and create new, advanced possibilities and solutions that will help in the development of manufacturing companies and end users.

Our two research centres and six specialized departments are continuously striving for development and innovation in the fields of science and research which can be applied to the needs of industry, where they will be put to good use.

Industry 4.0 is not just about development in industry, but also about the development of the whole of society of which we are a part.

Every good and beneficial thing that the future can bring depends on our knowledge and courage.